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My name is Sonia Bensouda.

Product Designer with a foundation in interior architecture. Over the past six years, I've honed my skills in design thinking, project management, and client communication while immersed in the world of high-end residential projects.


Transitioning seamlessly into the tech sector since 2020, I've applied my expertise to craft human-centered experiences that seamlessly integrate functionality with neuroaesthetic principles. From conducting thorough user research and prototyping to driving iterative design processes, my primary goal is to deliver products that focus on user needs but also drive business success.


On the side

I am also an artist specialising in digital collage and photography. My background as a designer has shaped my passion for abstract geometry and composition. My process usually combines pastel tone palette and clean-cut geometric patterns to construct surrealist compositions. I’ve been creating, exhibiting, and selling my artwork for the past five years.


The juxtaposition in my work often⁠ explores the idea of being in two states — being here physically and somewhere else mentally. My preferred medium is photography layered with digital collages on limited impressions on giclee paper.


2022 | Saatchi Rising Star

2022 | Exhibition

2020 | Shortlisted @Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize

2020 | Exhibition @Talented Art Fair - Old Truman Brewery

2019 | Exhibition @Yourartbeat

2018 | Commission @The Office Group - Londond

2017 Exhibition @Creative Debut

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