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Sonia Bensouda

Ux/Ui Designer and Artist Based in London

​I was born in France and grew up in Morocco. I studied interior architecture for four year in Lyon. I moved to London in 2014 to study for a Master's degree in Interior and Spatial Design at UAL - Chelsea College of Art. I continue to work as an interior architect and independent artist in the city.  


Growing up in the vibrant surroundings of Morocco has influenced my creative approach. My background as an interior architect has shaped my passion for abstract geometry and composition. My process usually combines pastel tone palette and clean-cut geometric patterns to construct surrealist compositions.


The juxtaposition in my works often⁠ the idea of being in two states, being here physically and somewhere else mentally. The relationship between heaviness and lightness, presence and absence⁠. My preferred medium is photography layered with digital collages on limited impressions on giclee paper. 

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